We take great care and attention to ensure that our designs are complete and in accordance with the client’s requirements. Unfortunately, we find that a number of our clients do not get the same kind of service from other designers.  and are left with problems that they find difficult to resolve. Clearly this is very frustrating and annoying to the client as they then find themselves faced with complaints that take them away from running their own core business.


Energy Unique have a great deal of experience in troubleshooting problems. Our strategy is generally to go back to basics. We take a great deal of care to survey any problem site and establish exactly what has been installed and how. Once this information is available the system can analysed to determine which element of the design is at fault or if not a design issue then which component of the system is not performing adequately. This can be a mechanical, electrical or more often than not, a control issue.


Once the problems have been highlighted we are then able to offer solutions to the problems and if required assist in the management of any remedial work that may be necessary.