Industrial Facilities require a very detailed evaluation of the purpose of the facility being developed during feasibility.

The construction of the facility will be heavily weighted to the equipment to be installed within the building and the correct evaluation of the M&E services required is essential.
Energy Unique will work with the client at every stage of the development process, from concept to completion, to ensure that the correct information is identified to allow the M&E services to fit with these requirements. Liaison with specialist equipment suppliers and utility providers are essential in this development process. Clients have included Harrogate Spa Water, FH Dale Ltd and others.

Extra Care Housing Schemes

In the ever-growing Extra Care Housing Schemes, it is essential that the facilities cater for the differing needs of the elderly.

We feel that it is our responsibility to look after the elderly and ensure that their homes are warm, secure and make the occupants feel safe and comfortable.

We are also acutely aware that the facilities need to meet with the specific site provider’s expectations and are cost effective for the developer tasked with building the facility. Energy Unique are happy to work in any capacity with the end goal being the happiness of the occupiers of the building. We have worked with many Extra Care Providers including, Homegroup, Housing 21, Bromford, Hanover and others.


Energy Unique have a wealth of experience working within the Educational Establishments.

A large proportion of our work revolves around School’s, Colleges and University establishments. We are well aware of the difficulties of working with these types of clients. Unforgiving deadline dates and close cost management from inception through to the final account being the two most important. We are equipped to deal with any type or size of project. Our key focus is making sure that the client receives the maximum amount of work for the budget they have been available. We have worked with several Academy Schools, Universities and local Councils which include, Huddersfield University, Sheffield University, Calderdale Council, Skipton Girls School, Heckmondwike Grammer and others.


Energy Unique has dealt with a number of Churches for a number of different faiths.

Their infrequent use and large spaces make heating and ventilating a space quite challenging. Lighting each area to the correct levels also provides a challenge particularly when you need to do this and still have the luminaire as unobtrusive as possible. As these building are now having to be multifunctional, close collaboration with the client is essential to ensure that all functions of the space have been identified and M&E services have been adapted to suit. We have worked with the Diocese of Leeds, Stanbrook Abbey and many other multiple faiths throughout the UK.


All our Engineers have a wealth of experience working within the Healthcare Sector.

We have experience working within Hospitals, Doctors Surgeries and other similar areas. Particularly when working within Hospitals our experience tells us that no project can be completed without a full understanding of the existing services presently installed within the building. Our first priority when undertaking these projects is to get a preliminary brief and then complete a survey to see how practical it would be to achieve the brief. In doing this we can ensure that the client is aware of the limitations and can adapt the brief if necessary. We have worked on projects associated with Sheffield Teaching Hospitals, Brookland Medical Centre, Leigh Medical Centre, Willows Medical Centre, The Masham Surgery, Brain Injury Clinic – Swindon.


We are all now asking our homes to do much more than we have in the past.

The advancements in technology and Smartphones enable us to now control our heating and lighting remotely. We can also install security systems that can be monitored through the Smartphone as well. AV systems are now becoming more integrated into homes with sound and TV images being distributed throughout.  Each property can now benefit from having an overview of the M&E services at the planning stages to ensure that the services required are designed to suit the homeowner and have been future proofed to take advantage of future technologies presently being talked about. We have worked with major housing developers such as Keepmoat, Bromford etc. and private homeowners on high specification projects.

Commercial / Retail

We have worked on a variety of Commercial and Retail projects from multi-million pound Conference Centre’s to small office buildings.

All projects require a different input from working with large lighting, heating and ventilation systems to ensuring that offices and buildings that are to be occupied during any development works are phased to ensure the continued use of the building. We believe that the focus in the development of Commercial and Retail premises is through close collaboration with the client and design team. Once everyone if familiar with the requirements and expectations of the client and also the budget constraints the design has a better chance of the project leading to the satisfaction of all involved, with the project meeting the clients expectations at a cost that suits the budget. We have a wealth of experience working with the Commercial and Retail sectors. We have worked with private companies dealing with the development or refurbishment of their existing or new premises and we have also worked with Architects and developers in the development of standard office premises for the purpose of future leasing. We have worked with various clients including Tennants Auctioneers, Calderdale Council, West Yorkshire Combined Authority (WYCA) and many others.