Audio Visual Design

Audio Visual design is very frequently considered to be a ‘bolt-on‘ element of work and not given much thought until a building has been completed. At that point in time it is usually too late to integrate the equipment and cabling into the building fabric without a large amount of building work. Energy Unique can assist in the early development of this area of work to ensure that the equipment and cabling is correctly designed for the area in which it is to be installed.


The following is a list of areas where we can assist:


  • TV Aerial & Satellite Design
  • Commercial AV Design
  • Meeting Rooms
  • Public Address Systems
  • Lecture Theatres
  • Residential Whole House AV Design
  • Home Cinema Rooms


As with all other elements of the M&E design, AV design is closely linked to create a fully coordinated solution. We do not consider AV design to be a stand-alone subject and we liaise closely with other members of the design team to ensure the successful development of a scheme.